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During these live cooking events, we are asking our viewers to donate to an online link to the Guardian’s Neediest Cases Fund to help hungry families in need.  Your donation to this fund will support immediate and long-term relief and recovery in vulnerable communities during one of the most challenging times we have collectively faced


About the Charity

It was in 1934 during the dark days of world wide depression, that the Guardian Neediest Cases Fund was founded.

Originally the Fund was organised to identify the ten most “Neediest Cases” in Trinidad & Tobago so that they could have been be given financial assistance.

Over the years the Guardian Neediest Cases Fund expanded its reach to assist the Needy throughout Trinidad & Tobago. One of the most important activities of the Fund is to help the Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) carry out their work of helping the less fortunate. Financial assistance may be accessed by needy persons through the authorised NGOs or by applying directly to the Guardian Neediest Cases Fund Office at Guardian Media Limited.

Objectives of the Trust

The Guardian Neediest Cases Fund is dedicated to:

  • Assist in the relief of poor persons in distress or in need either by maintenance in institutions, in homes or by gifts of money or in kind
  • Assist in providing for convalescence of poor persons recovering from illnesses or accident either by maintenance of the persons in institutions, in homes or by gifts of money or in kind
  • Assist in providing medical, surgical or dental relief for poor persons
  • Assist in providing maintenance for poor persons who are blind, deaf, dumb and crippled either in institutions, homes, or by gifts of money or in kind
  • Assist in providing artificial limbs, artificial eyes, spectacles and/or lenses, deaf-aids, trusses, surgical boots, elastic stockings, crutches and such like aids to poor persons in need.

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How do I donate?

Donations can be made through this link. You do not need to sign up for a WiPay account. The money will be deducted from whichever credit card you decide to use.

What if I’d like to donate, but I don’t have a credit card?

Unfortunately, WiPay does not accept Linx at this time. But if you’d like to donate through online banking, you can send money to “Guardian Neediest Cases Fund” through Republic Bank Limited (A/C #: 150481524401).

How much can I donate?

The amount each viewer pays is completely up to their discretion.

Where will this be available?

There are no limitations! Donations are currently available to all in Trinidad and Tobago and around the world.

How long will the fundraiser run for?

The cooking classes will take place over 10 consecutive days from May 1 to May 10, but even after that, the donation link will remain open for contributions.

How will the charity know if I’ve donated to the fundraiser?

Our team will be monitoring the bank account accepting donations during the live stream and after.