Here are 5 Easy Ways to Make the Perfect Cheeseburger at Home!

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Make the Perfect Cheeseburger at Home!

Many families celebrate Father’s Day together with an outdoor grilling lime. Show appreciation for your Dad with a big juicy Father’s Day cheeseburger. Without a doubt, this is a gift he will actually enjoy! Here are some tips that I found to be extremely useful when creating the best cheeseburgers you’ve ever made.

One can never go wrong with a good ‘ole cheeseburger, that is until you take a wrong turn in the preparation and cooking stages. Here are some tips that I found to be extremely useful when creating the perfect cheeseburger for lunches, barbcues, field trips or just for a snack!

1) The Selection of Meat!

Be picky when purchasing your ground beef, it’s your right. Please note: I’m not telling you to go on a rampage in the grocery store or meat shop. The 80 (lean) /20 (fat) ratio for the meat is always a great way to go; guaranteeing a juicy and mighty burger patty.

2) The Cheese and its pairing of toppings!

One of the pillars of a perfect burger, along with the patty, is the cheese used in it. There’s nothing wrong with dear Cheddar cheese, however, if you’re looking to spice it up, indulge in the ‘out of norm’ cheeses. From the boasting Gouda to Goat cheese (yes, you read right. Goat Cheese) the possibilities of flavours are endless; especially when you select the proper toppings! For example, a beef burger can be topped with goat cheese, arugula, thick slices of tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and onions and balsamic dressing for a Mediterranean vibe or if you’re feeling less of a fancy Nancy, you can just do a Plain Jane! The diversity is magnificent! Once you’ve chosen your cheese of choice, time your patty and place the cheese slice (s) atop the burger a minute before it finishes for the perfect melt!

3) The Bread!

Here’s what I’d consider a deal-breaker; the burger bun. The patty could be the most flavoursome thing you’ve ever tasted, the toppings, complimenting the cheese and flavours but once that bun is too thick (or too thin), too crunchy or too soft; there go all hopes and dreams of the perfect cheeseburger experience. So be cautious in choosing your pick.

4) The preparation of the patty!

As harsh as it sounds in our local culture, don’t go crazy with the seasonings! Especially when mixing in salt to the meat; salt breaks down the muscle tissue in the meat more so and results in an almost springy burger patty. Salt and black pepper can be patted on the outer layer of the burger, a minute or two before it hits the grill/griddle/ pan. Appreciate the natural flavours of meat! With that last line being said, skip the fillers! Nobody needs eggs or breadcrumbs in their burger. It’s a burger, not meatloaf (I’m using humour here as it’s simply my opinion on the fillers matter)

5) The Cooking of the Patty!

It’s practically embedded in our blood to constant ‘tun the pot’ but with this, I urge you to leave the burger alone! It’s essential for the burger to obtain a godly crust on each side and for that to happen, you MUST leave it be! It’s no good to continuously flip the burger because, with the constant flipping, the likelihood of the burger breaking apart is prominent. The maximum allocated count of flips per burger should be two. I hope my tips are as helpful as they are to me!