5 Foolproof Ways To Make Vegetables Taste Good

5 Foolproof Ways To Make Vegetables Taste Good

For picky eaters, vegetables can be difficult to enjoy eating. Read this list of five ways to boost the flavour and cook vegetables to make them delicious.

1) Load on the cheese!

There is no denying that cheese is one of the best foods of all time. Sadly, it gets a bad rap for being higher in fat and calories. On the other hand, cheese is an amazing source of protein, calcium, and several other nutrients. It’s important to keep in mind that some cheeses are healthier than others and moderation is key. A great way to boost your vegetable intake is by adding cheese to your salad. Feta cheese is a great option here because it’s crumbly, salty and will add a delicious kick to each bite of salad. If it takes a few pieces of cheese to get in your vegetables for the day, there’s nothing to feel guilty about.

2) Marinate vegetables.

One reason you may not like vegetables in the first place could be their bland flavour. Just like meat, you can marinate your vegetables to infuse a new dimension of flavour. A marinade is a seasoned sauce that you coat over your meat and now vegetables and allow it to absorb the aromas of herbs and spices in the marinade. Green seasoning is the Caribbean’s famous marinade containing a blend of tropical herbs such as chadon beni, garlic, hot pepper, chives, parsley and thyme popularly used to season meats. If you are from the Caribbean and have green seasoning on hand, you have to try marinating your vegetables with green seasoning. Mushrooms are a great vegetable to marinade because of the ability to absorb and retain moisture and flavour. Try it out in your next veggie dish.

3) Smoothies!

Blending is one of the best methods to get more green vegetables into your diet and it makes it easier for your body to process the amazing nutrients in the vegetables. Green smoothies often judged by picky eaters to taste like grass but you can mask the strong taste of vegetables like kale, spinach and blend together with sweet fruits like beets, cranberries and bananas that will mask out the vegetable flavour you may not like. Check out these recipes for healthy breakfast smoothies full of veggie goodness.

4) Veggie-Based Soups

Soups combine multiple servings of vegetables in a hearty fully meal. Soups are easy to cook with either a broth or puree the veggies based on your preferences. Add your own seasonings, herbs and spices to your soup to make your soup even more delicious. Here are few ideas for soup you have to try out our recipe for Callaloo Soup.

5) Pretend they are other foods!

You can now transform vegetables into just about anything. Have you heard of cauliflower steaks, zucchini noodles and eggplant slices as the replacement for lasagna noodles? Experiment with your vegetables as meat replacements for your favourite dish. Vegans have recently been using carrots marinated in barbecue sauce as a substitute for hot dogs. Can’t knock it till you try it! Check out our full lists of hearty ‘meaty’ vegetables if you’re a meat-lover.