4 Healthy Smoothies to Keep You Chippin’ for Carnival

4 Healthy Smoothies to Keep You Chippin’ for Carnival

When Carnival is around the corner, Trinbagonians frantically start to get into tip-top shape—especially after eating their weight in pastelles and ham. The heavy-duty fun that runs through the most awaited Monday and Tuesday of the year demands maximum energy and stamina from everyone (even if you’re just out on the road!).

You only have a few days left to tighten and tone your body. Even if you’ve been following a hardcore diet for a month, your body might be lacking the right nutrients needed to whine and free it up for two days straight. Luckily, that doesn’t mean changing your diet completely. With Dairy Dairy skimmed and low-fat milks, you can reach your daily intake of calcium and Vitamins A, C and D without adding any extra calories. After all, you need to prepare for everything that Carnival may throw your way.

With the smooth, full-bodied flavour of fresh milk, Dairy Dairy is rich in calcium, packed with protein and contains less calories than its counterpart. Convenient and easy-to-prepare, Dairy Dairy serves as the perfect base for any instant smoothie or shake.

Whip up one of these healthy, diet-friendly smoothies when you’re in need of a post-workout snack, filling breakfast, or grab-and-go lunch. They’ll make you feel good inside and will keep you looking good on the outside, too.

1. Detoxifying Turmeric Smoothie

2. I Feel Like Hulk Green Smoothie

3. Cinnamon Rollin’ Down the Road

4. Iced Coffee Protein Shake

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